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Welcome to Sky Solar – Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional Solar Panel Sales and Installations. Harness the abundant energy of the sun to power your life with our cutting-edge Deye solar panels. As South Africa’s leading experts in renewable energy solutions, we are committed to delivering sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions for residential and commercial spaces across the nation. Join the solar revolution today and embrace a greener, brighter future with Sky Solar and Deye solar panels.

Project Managing

Seamlessly navigate your solar journey with Sky Solar's expert project management. We handle every detail, from assessment to installation, ensuring a smooth process that's on time and on budget.


Prioritize safety and legality with Sky Solar. You'll receive a Certificate of Compliance, confirming your solar system's adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Qualified Staff

Trust in our skilled team of certified solar professionals. We bring unmatched expertise to each installation, guaranteeing efficiency and durability.

Latest Equipment

Experience the future of solar with Sky Solar's cutting-edge tools and technology. We optimize system performance and ensure long-lasting results.


Services We Provide


Solar Panel Sales

Elevate your energy independence with Sky Solar's premium solar panel sales. Discover a range of cutting-edge Deye solar panels designed to harness the sun's power efficiently. Choose from a variety of sizes and technologies to find the perfect fit for your energy needs.


Solar Panel Installations

Experience hassle-free solar panel installations with Sky Solar's expertise. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration of Deye solar panels onto your property. From assessment to installation, we handle every step, providing you with a reliable and efficient solar energy system.


Solar System Design:

Customize your solar solution with Sky Solar's meticulous system design. Our experts analyze your energy consumption patterns to create a tailored solar setup. Maximize energy generation and savings by harnessing the sun's power effectively.


Solar Energy Consultation

Make informed decisions about your solar journey with Sky Solar's expert consultation. Our team provides valuable insights into the benefits of solar energy for your specific needs. 

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